3D Printing
Plastic and metal custom cnc machined parts shipped in as little as 1-3 days

What is 3D printing

It is the latest rapid prototyping equipment, using technology such as light curing and paper laminating. Its working principle is basically the same as ordinary printing, the printer contains liquid or powder and other "printing material", through the computer control of the "printing material" layer by layer, and finally the computer blueprint into a physical object.

Why Choose Us

We are the expert in 3D printing in Asia, providing advanced 3D printing services including SLA 3D printing (stereo lithography), SLS 3D printing (selective Laser Sintering). At XTJ Company, we have a team of professional engineers who will work with you to discuss the characteristics of your CAD designed products, dimensional tolerances and so on. As a professional manufacturer, we will communicate your needs clearly with you and we will strive to get the product to you at the time you expect.

Advantages of SLA & SLS

High precision, smooth surface, with large size products.

Better rigidity, excellent sharp
angle and small shrinkage;

Excellent surface detail, high
texture and fast production speed;

A wide variety of resins to meet
various performance needs.


Easy to operate and maintain


More economical and cost effective than other major 3D printing methods


Relatively clean and no use of
harsh chemicals

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