Aluminum Extrusion
The first process of aluminum extrusion is melting and casting, which goes through the steps of dosing, melting and casting to finally make the "round casting bar", the common raw material for aluminum extrusion.

Rapid Machining Processes

The first process of aluminum profile production is casting, after the batching, melting and casting steps, and finally made into aluminum profile commonly used raw materials "round casting rod". Then according to the product section of the aluminum profile design, manufacture the mold, the use of extruder will be heated good round casting rod extrusion form from the mold, after extrusion there is an air cooling quenching process and after the artificial treatment, to complete the heat treatment strengthening.

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Our advanced machinery enables us to manufacture box section and open channel moulds in sizes ranging from 190*280*60 mm.
To enrich our aluminium extrusion services, we also offer multi-axis CNC post processing services such as drilling and tapping.

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