CNC Milling Machine
Provide best-in-class low-volume manufacturing services Find out how we can support your next project.

CNC Milling Maching

●  Trusted China CNC Machining Manufacturer

●  Plastic and metal custom CNC machined parts shipped as fast as 3 days

● Tolerance can achieve plus or minus 0.01mm

Our Partners

We provide excellent global service, with a large customer base, these customers are all over the world, from all walks of life, including automotive, aerospace, medical, 3d printers, communications, automation equipment, we have more than 15 years of industry excellent service team to meet your requirements, to help you make the parts you want!

CNC Milling

●   High precision machining;

●   Save manpower and reduce processing problems;

●  Reduced material consumption due to finely defined parameters;

●  Flexibility of the production line;

●   Versatility – CNC services enable milling of metals, steel, plastics

Small Batch Manufacturing Services

We provide first-class low-volume manufacturing services, finding out how we can support your next project.

Advantages of Low Volume Manufacturing

●  Building a bridge between rapid prototyping and full-scale production

●  Building a bridge between rapid prototyping and full-scale production

●  Fast access to emerging markets

●  Quick response for shorter product life cycles

●  Allows for faster design changes

Why Choose us for CNC Machining


Advanced equipment

High precision German imported 5-axis CNC

Excellent team

With over 15 years of industry experience engineers

Price advantage

With industry competitive price

Fast delivery

The fastest delivery time of 1-3 days

Advanced testing equipment

CMM, projector, height meter, micrometer and more than 20 testing instruments.

Factory advantage

Adjust our order and production plan according to customer’s needs at any time

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