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We have the equipment, skills and experience to help you build world-class rapid tooling for injection molding and pressure die casting.

Rapid Machining Processes

Machined aluminum or mild steel mold cavities are the key to rapid turnaround of small volume injection molds. Simplifying mold design and using stock mold components and mold holders is an added acceleration.

Rapid Injection Molding

Rapid injection molding is a production method that applies rapid tooling to plastic injection molding, which means that not only can hundreds of pilot production be made to test prototype parts close to the final product, but on-demand production of parts for small volume injection molds can be provided for end use.

Benefits of Rapid Tooling

Short production cycle time

Simple process and fast manufacturing

Low manufacturing cost compared to traditional molds

Applicable to the development of new products and meet the needs of small batch production

Its precision and life can meet the requirements of specific functions, and has higher economic benefits.

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