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Rapid CNC Turning Manufacturing

Rapid CNC Turning Manufacturing

We provide a full range of high precision CNC turning services to customers in aerospace, automotive, medical device, robotics, 3D printers, and many other industries as well as industrial customers.

Our CNC turning processes include cutting, facing, threading, forming, drilling, knurling, broaching, and boring. A range of value-added services complete our turning capabilities, including welding, rolling, grinding, sandblasting, passivation, heat treatment, plating, and assembly.

Unlike many companies in the market, we focus on high quality, and we are paired with highly skilled cnc engineers and technicians, and the industry’s top cnc turning services.

Our fastest delivery time is within 3 days, depending on the complexity of the part.We can help you arrange for expedited service according to your requirements.

Turning and Milling Compound

Turning and milling compound machine tools will be a perfect combination of CNC lathe Ken milling multilateral machine tools, both CNC turning and multilateral forming chip function, can be completed at one time to turn the outer circle, punching, cutting and turning multilateral and many other processes. (High concentricity of the product, a machine multi-purpose).

Turning and milling machine tools use the bed bed foot continuous sanding process, the use of roller imported line rail and screw, so good anti-vibration, cutting strength.

Turning and milling machine tools can achieve spindle positioning according to different products, and can cut any polygon processing (can be completed at the same time three, four, five, six, seven and other irregular shapes)

Turning and milling machine tools can also be used as a high-precision precision CNC lathe if you do not usually use the turning polygon function.

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