Automotive prototyping and parts design.

Automotive prototyping and parts design

Our focus on optimal solutions for new product design and product replacement allows us to expand our knowledge and capabilities in the automotive sector. Whether from concept design verification to mechanical component engineering testing, from exterior lighting prototyping to interior parts manufacturing. With extensive experience helping innovative companies manufacture metal and plastic parts for OEMs in the automotive market to accelerate new product development and bring new products to market with cost and time savings for faster time to market.

The Role of Prototyping in the Automotive Industry

Prototyping is an important factor in the design and engineering process. The auto parts industry is no exception. Automobile prototype design runs through the whole process of automobile design and development and mass production.

The advantages of automotive prototyping

Rapid prototyping can drive innovation in the automotive industry. The automobile industry is a huge and complex industry, facing the huge pressure of the market, it needs frequent replacement, which is a long process. Because rapid prototyping is a prerequisite for rapid production, automotive prototyping represents an essential step in the process between initial product design and final mass production.

Affordable quality

Rapid prototyping uses the lowest-cost, high-quality materials, mainly aluminum and engineering plastics. It can produce repeatable complex designs for small batch requirements. Another benefit is the speed at which it can be manufactured, in weeks instead of months for other manufacturing processes.

Easy to innovate

After automakers perfect rapid prototyping, they can build Bridges for mass production. In cases that have not yet been implemented, modifications can be made only at a lower cost than other processes. Modifying CAD models, reprogramming, or creating new molds takes hours or days, not months.


Compared to other manufacturing processes, rapid prototyping is arguably the fastest way to make compatible automotive parts. It also uses the most abundant data, so that there is almost no shortage of the process.

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