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With a global customer chain, Xintianjian has extensive capabilities and certified manufacturing capabilities, from your desktop, and a strict NDA agreement with our network protects your privacy.

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Quality Assurance

We are certified toISO 9001:2015, and AUTO41545 20221101.We can provide CoC, material certification, material and process batch traceability, full size reports, inspection reports and hardware certificates. Please see more details about our quality assurance capabilities.

Our aerospace & aviation manufacturing capabilities





Jigs & Fixtures

Fuel pumps

Surrogate parts

Structural components


Small sensors

Aerospace & aviation manufacturing capabilities 

CNC machining

Milling, turning and post-processing
● Tolerances down to :.0008 in(0.020 mm)
● Lead times from 5 businessdays

3D printing

● 0.3% with a lower limit of :0.3 mm (+ 0.012 in)
● Lead times from 1 businessday

Sheet metal fabrication

Laser cutting,
● Tolerances down to t.004 in (0.1 mm)
● Lead times from 5 businessdays

Rapid tooling

Prototypes andproduction tooling
● Wide range of part complexities and sizes
● 1 to 1M parts

Aerospace Post-Processing Capabilities

Aerospace Prototyping

Aerospace and defense equipment is by nature a high-risk task, where a small mistake or defect can have catastrophic consequences. So the design team must not only provide a strategy for the problems you will face, but also bring creative thinking to the table.

We provide consistent precision aerospace components and prototypes with tight tolerances to exacting specifications, while maintaining strict standards of “in-process communication” and “on-time delivery”.

Why Choose Us for Aerospace Prototyping

●  We use materials that meet aerospace standards.

●  We have expert technicians and senior engineers to follow every step of the production process.

●  We have a strict privacy policy, and we manage our export control program with a high level of security.

●  We provide the entire process from concept to manufacturing, including heat treatment, yarn blasting, oil blasting, sand blasting, electroplating.

Manufacturing of aerospace prototypes

We make space products on demand. With many years of experience, we focus on aerospace prototype design and aerospace parts processing, and have served many aerospace instrument manufacturers worldwide. We will help you every step of the way, from the first prototype to testing and iterations, to new product demonstrations, and even mini-batch or mini-batch production.

Aerospace prototype manufacturing solutions

● CNC machining
High quality CNC machining rapid prototyping process is able to meet the growing needs of the aerospace industry. Building reliable aerospace prototypes, UAV parts and defense components is a difficult task, which means we need to be rigorous to achieve high precision. We can do this well with our years of experience.

● Sheet metal processing
The sheet metal prototyping service allows us to manufacture aluminum, copper and steel aerospace instruments. Combined with laser cutting, we can help you make aerospace products to your satisfaction.

● Die casting
High precision die casting solutions enable the aerospace industry to perform the most standard component manufacturing for aerospace applications, with a special emphasis on dimensional accuracy, durability, corrosion resistance and reliability.

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